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In order to complete a NYC DOE Incentive Program application ( Career Training Program, Scholarship or Loan Forgiveness ) please complete the following:
  1. REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT in the system by clicking REGISTER NOW! Note - if you already have an account in THIS system, simply login on the left-hand-side of the page, using the username and password you used when creating your account. If you are unsure if you have an account, or forgot your username or password - try entering your DOE email address in BOTH the Username and Password fields to the left, OR click on the 'Trouble Logging In?' link and answer the questions provided.

  2. COMPLETE THE 5 STEPS OF THE COMMON PROFILE and SUBMIT. Note - if your Profile is already Submitted and you have access to the various application types under the START NEW APPLICATION SECTION of the Candidate Portal (once you log in), you do not need to complete the Profile - it is already sufficiently complete! If you do not have application options under the START NEW APPLICATION SECTION of the portal, you must complete the Profile - note, much of the information is Optional, so please read the instructions carefully. Please be aware that not all steps of the Profile are required and much of the information is optional - please read carefully.

  3. Once your complete your COMMON PROFILE, you will then have the ability to complete any of the INCENTIVE PROGRAM applications - you will them listed under the START NEW Application section of the CANDIDATE PROFILE. Note - NO APPLICATIONS will be presented you first complete and submit the COMMON PROFILE.
Helpful Documents
Career Training Program Release Time for UFT Paraprofessionals And DC37 Family Paraprofessionals Notice of Program Changes - Career Training Program Lead Teaching Assistant
If you encounter problems of any kind while completing your registration information, email us, or call us toll-free at
1-(877)-DoTeach (368-3224); please DO NOT register again. Thank you

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