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The first step in filling out your online application is to create an account by registering. If you have not already done so, please click on the "REGISTER NOW!" icon and provide the requested information. During the registration step, you will define your User Name (your email address) and Password. Your email address will also be our primary means for contacting you - please check your inbox regularly, and check your junk mail or spam filter and make sure you are receiving emails from the NYC Department of Education (allow domains "@schools.nyc.gov" and "@nyc.teacherssupportnetwork.com").

Please note that if you registered or completed an on-line application for the NYCDOE prior to December 15, 2008, you must re-register and file a new application to be considered for a position. You have to register online only once for any one of the following positions: Substitute Teacher, Substitute Paraprofessional, School Aide, Family Worker. After you have registered once, you may file separate applications for any of these positions, provided applications are being accepted at that time and you meet the eligibility requirements set forth for the position(s).


To file an application follow the guidelines listed below and provide the requested information:
  • You will be requested to provide details about your contact information, education, certification, work experience, references, work location preferences, standardized test scores and education-related workshops, and background information. Some of this information is mandatory.
  • The mandatory fields are labeled with an asterisk (*) and must be provided.
  • The help icon seen on the application may be clicked to see helpful information about specific fields on the application.
  • The on-line application has been organized into 8 Steps. You may complete these steps in any order.
  • You may preview and/or print the entire application prior to, during or after completion of the information entry process, by clicking on the PREVIEW icon.
  • You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. You may stop and return later to complete your application by clicking on "SAVE AND EXIT," once a section has been completed. The system will not save any information you entered during a session, unless either the "SAVE AND EXIT" or "SAVE AND CONTINUE" icon is clicked.
  • When you have provided all the required information and are ready to submit your application, click on the "COMPLETE" icon to submit your application. Do NOT click on the "COMPLETE" icon until you are certain that your application is current, accurate and complete because you will not be permitted to make changes thereafter, except for Contact Information changes.
If you have any questions about this position or the application and appointment process, visit our website at http://teachnyc.net or call (718) 935-4000. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, technical support staff may be reached at 1-877-368-3224.

Good luck!

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