Welcome to the New York City Department of Education's Student Teacher Registration

Welcome to the New York City Department of Education's Student Teacher Registration
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Welcome to the NYC Department of Education Online Student Teacher Registration

Thank you for making the choice to complete your student teaching experience in a New York City public school. We are committed to providing the best possible education for all of our students and hope that your training experience will support your growth as a future teacher.

Middle School Spring Classroom Apprenticeship (SCA) Application:

If you are interested in applying for the SCA program, please click "Register Now" to create your student teaching an account. You can access the application once you are registered. If you are a December 2013 graduate and have already registered as a student teacher, you can access the application by signing in with your original username and password.

All student teachers who are completing a student teaching placement must register prior to the start of their assignment.

  • For first time users, step one in your online registration is to create an account by clicking on the "Register Now!" button.
  • You may enter your school placement information at this time, or you can add this information at a later time by logging in using the username and password you created.
  • If you previously completed the registration form and need to update your information, please login using the username (email address) and password.
  • If you have problems with your username or password or if you are an international student teacher, please email the Student Teacher Coordinator at studentteachercoordinator@schools.nyc.gov or call 718-935-2516 for assistance.
  • Registration should take only 5 minutes.

If you have more questions about becoming a teacher in New York City, please review our website at http://teachnyc.net or contact studentteachercoordinator@schools.nyc.gov.

Thank you for student teaching in our schools!

Student Teacher Register!

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